Digital Press Kit

Media files like audio, video, hi-resolution press photos and digital documents (such as PDF files) are centralized on your Digital Press Kit page for easy download. That’s where venues, presenters and the press go to get the professional materials they need to help promote you.

Audio and Video

Your Media Center automatically displays all of the audio and video clips you upload, providing an attractive, user-friendly environment for fans to listen to your music and watch your videos.

Media Center page sample

Photo galleries for your fans

Share photos with your fans in the Photo Gallery which features a cool viewer and lets you create up to 50 photo albums with 100 large photos in each album.

Popover viewer for photos in the Photo Gallery

Easily add photos to your content

It’s easy to add your photographs to Bios, News stories, Calendar dates, Recordings, Programs and Acclaim — just click on the “Add Photo” button. Uploaded images are automatically re-sized to fit your design and properly positioned on each page.

Biography page sample with resized photo